Sunday, June 29: Heritage of Pride Parade!!

June 25, 2008


First, if you have NOT received a separate confirmation e-mail from us, that means we do NOT have you on my marchers list yet, so PLEASE e-mail right away (and let us know your T-shirt size… this year, we are hoping to unveil Q-Wave T-shirts!! But just in case they don’t arrive in time, please wear a top that is some shade of DARKER RED. FYI, they are women’s sizes so realize they may run on the tighter end).

Our line-up is 56th Street between 5th and 6th Ave. We will gather at Torino Gourmet Kitchen on 22 West 56th, closer to 5th Ave, at 10:30am… there is food and drinks and bathroom (and A/C!). Please try to be there no later than 11:00am, but if you peek in and don’t see anyone, look for our banner and GAPIMNY’s 10 yard dragon! The closest subway stops are the 57th Street stop on the F or the 5th Avenue stop on the E and V.

This year’s HOP theme is “live, love, be”… steps off at noon from 52nd Street and 5th Avenue, goes down 5th Avenue until 8th Street, goes up 8th Street and then Christoper Street until Greenwich Street. This year, we and the rest of the POC contingent are in Section 3 again, behind the lead group, Disabled/Senior/PFLAG, and Women Only.

Two other things… no poles or sticks are allowed to hold up signs. Also, it will be as always extremely difficult to either join in half-way through, or to leave and come back in, so please expect to join us at the beginning and if you leave early, plan to meet up with us after the end of the parade. In particular, there will be NO reentry below 14th Street!

Even if you cannot march, please join us afterwards for dinner. Our first choice is Wild Ginger at 51 Grove Street, just west of 7th Avenue, and bring your sig others, family, friends, etc.! We’re hoping to fit in GAPIMNY and SALGA folks as well, and make it one big food party! Then, those of us with energy left in us will head north for the Color Me Queer Party.

Here are a list of things to bring:
Sun protection (Hat, cap, sunscreen, etc.), rain protection (Umbrella, poncho, etc.), sunglasses, comfortable shoes, photo ID, watch (there is a moment of silence at 2pm), water, cell Phone, pen, and paper, tissues, band-aids, your choice of pain-reliever (aspirin, advil, tylenol), munchies or easy-to-carry and eat snack, signs, whistles, soundmakers, and a bag to carry all of the above


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