Riti Sachdeva’s Parts of Parts & Stitches

March 12, 2012

SALGA, SANGAM, & Q-Wave invite you to the world premiere of: 

Riti Sachdeva’s Parts of Parts & Stitches
Saturday, March 17  
8:00 pm @ the Theatre at 14th St. Y (334 East 14th St.)
with post-show Conversation with Cast and Creative Team
drinks & continuing dialogue afterwards at Nowhere Bar

Featuring Sarah Baskin, Purva Bedi, Jaspal Binning, Sergei Burbank, Mariam Habib, Ashok Kumar, Bushra Laskar, Deanna McGovern, Antonio Miniño, Eric Percival, Anil Ramani, Shetal Shah, Imran W. Sheikh, and Dathan B. Williams. With George Allison (Set Design), Karen Ann Ledger (Costume Design), Carl Faber (Lighting Design), Martha Goode (Sound Design), Arooj Aftab (Composer & Singer), Gisela Fullá-Silvestre (Composer); Navdeep Tucker (Choreography), and production stage manager Sarah E. Ford. Produced by Martha Goode with associate producer Jessica Thornhill for MTWorks.

On Saturday, March 17, SALGA, SANGAM, & Q-Wave invite you to the world premiere of Riti Sachdeva’s play, PARTS OF PARTS & STITCHES, which explores the 1947 partition of British India into the nations of India, Pakistan, and later Bangladesh. The partition resulted in extreme violence and one of the largest migrations in history. Over 100,000 Hindu, Muslim, and Sikh women were raped and abducted in the Partition riots; more than 2 million Hindus, Muslims, and Sikhs were killed; some ten to twelve million migrants were uprooted and dislocated as they moved across the new borders. PARTS OF PARTS & STITCHES uses overlapping truths, histories, and the fantastic to create a space for audiences to explore and reflect upon individual and collective resilience and resistance in the face of partition. Produced by MTWorks, the play  will run from March 15-31, 2012 at The Theater at 14th Street Y (334 East 14th Street between First and Second Ave). Tickets are $18 and $12 for students, seniors, and IAAC members.

After the Saturday March 17 show, SALGA, SANGAM, & Q-Wave are hosting a post-show Conversation with Cast and Creative Team. This will be an opportunity for the audience to ask the cast and crew questions about the process of putting together the play. Dialogue will continue afterwards at Nowhere Bar, 322 East 14th Street.

Part of our mission of outreach and community building is to support the work of queer South Asian artists. Riti Sachdeva’s play is a great opportunity for the SALGA, SANGAM, & Q-Wave community to support her vision in this accounting of a terrible time in our shared history. The project has particular resonance for those of the South Asian diaspora but many communities have been partitioned and continue to be partitioned. In most instances, significant efforts have been made to erase the memories of partition traumas in the larger interests of nation-building. This play gives us an opportunity to challenge the forgetting while creating spaces for a deeper understanding of our historical and contemporary struggles. Additionally, the hope is that our co-sponsorship of this event will foster meaningful connections within and between our communities.  

Other special events include:

• Tuesday, March 20: post-show Talk Back on the legacy of the partitions of former British colonies, cold-war era partitions, proposed contemporary partitions, and domestic partitions/displacement within the US; with Jasbir Puar (faculty, Women’s & Gender Studies, Rutgers University/2012-2013 Edward Said Chair in American Studies at the American University in Beirut), Andrea Ritchie (police misconduct attorney, co-coordinator of Streetwise and Safe (SAS), and co-author of Queer (In)Justice: The Criminalization of LGBT People in the United States), and Grainne O’Hara (UNHCR/UN Refugee Agency).

• Tuesday, March 27: post-show Talk Back on using the arts to engage and build communities across different geo-political contexts with Remy Kharbanda (The Vilayati Tarti/Foreign Land Project, a documentary film and oral history project based on interviews with women in West London where thousands of people from the Punjab migrated following partition),  and Brownstar poet-performer Pushkar “NORTH STAR” Sharma who, with Sathya “SOUTH STAR” Sridharan, premiered their stage show FASTER THAN THE SPEED OF WHITE at the 2010 NYC International Fringe Theatre Festival and annually produce UNIFICATION, a joint celebration of the Indian and Pakistani Independence Days).

• Thursday, March 29: post-show Conversations with Cast and Creative Team and reception in collaboration with the Indo-American Arts Council.

Please follow the link to MTWorks to see a list of the cast, learn more about the show, and buy tickets online: www.mtworks.org/up-next

Riti Sachdeva’s Parts of Parts & Stitches

March 15–31 at the Theater at 14th St. Y

1947: Punjab, Northwest Frontier. For one young couple, matrimonial
bliss is violently interrupted by the “commotion of partition.” 

PARTS OF PARTS uses overlapping truths, histories, and the fantastic to 
create a space for audiences to explore and reflect upon individual and 
collective resilience and resistance in the face of the 1947 partition of 
the subcontinent into India and Pakistan.  www.mtworks.org/up-next


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