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Q-Wave Ultimate Frisbee + Hangout in Prospect Park!

Join us Sun 9/25, 4-7pm for an afternoon in Prospect Park!

We'll be playing Ultimate Frisbee and hanging out. For newbies, we'll do an intro to frisbee and have extra discs for y'all to practice tossing. This is an open event -- friends are welcome so please bring'em along!

What: Q-Wave Ultimate Frisbee + Hangout in Prospect Park!

Who: You and your peeps! All friends are welcome!

When: Sunday, Sept 25th, 4-7pm

Where: Prospect Park

For detailed directions please send us a message through our Contact Form, or check out our Facebook Event listings (you'll have to join the Q-Wave FB group to view the event listing.)

What to Bring: Snacks, drinks, a picnic blanket if you like
Please RSVP on the Facebook event or send a message through the Contact Form. Let us know if you have any questions or suggestions! See you out there!!

[Q&A section]

Q: What is Ultimate Frisbee & why are you so excited about it?
A: Read this!

Q: Can I play even if I don't know the rules?
A: Yes! We'll teach you and you will catch on, as long as you can throw a frisbee.

Q: What if I never threw a frisbee before?
A: Don't worry, we'll have extra frisbees on the side for folks to learn and practice tossing/catching.

Q: What if I'm too gay to throw a frisbee straight?
A: Hey, that's why we love you! You can practice tossing/catching on the side or just chill :P

Q: What if I don't wanna play frisbee?
A: Just come hang out -- we love spectators. We might even have a guitar for people who wanna jam.