Speaker and Sponsorship Requests

For Sponsorship Requests
If you would like Q-Wave to provide support to your organization or event, please email us with the following details about your request. We will review the details of your research proposal and revert back to you within 2 weeks from submission.

Types of Sponsorship Support
Q-Wave has historically been able to provide the following means of support on a case by case basis:
1. Financial co-sponsorship (limited)
2. Promotional/Endorsement co-sponsorship: Q-Wave to provide marketing assistance and encourage our membership to attend
3. Volunteer support: Q-Wave members may volunteer to help with set up, clean-up, entrance fee/ticket collections, security etc
4. Logistical support – With experience coordinating a wide variety of events, Q-Wave can provide ad-hoc logistical support such as finding an event space, applying for permits, networking with other social justice organizations etc.
5. Facilitation/Speaker support – Q-Wave facilitators/speakers to provide assistance as necessary

Details of Sponsorship Request
1. Name
2. Name of organization (if any)
3. Please describe the event you are requesting sponsorship for
4. Please provide date, time and duration of event
5. What is the expected turn-out?
6. What is the addressable audience/participants for this event?
7. What type(s) of sponsorship support are you requesting? Please provide details (i.e. if you need volunteers, please note how many)
8. Are you requesting support from other organizations? If so, please name them. (Optional: List type and amount of support you hope to be receiving from them)f
9. Is this the first time this event has happened or have there been similar events previously and has Qwave ever been involved before?
10. How do you plan on advertising the event?
11. What do you hope to achieve through this event?