Interest Groups

Q-Wave has a diverse group of members, and that’s why we have such a wide range of activities for you to take part in! Most of our activities are based in New York City (Manhattan, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, and Staten Island). If you’d like to help coordinate events or if you have great ideas for the Q-Wave steering committee, please send us a message through our contact form!


Come ‘n’ Hang Out Coffee Hour

Coffee hour!

Coffee hour!

Questioning? Not Questioning? Doesn’t Matter. Let’s chat regardless!
We’re here to support each other. We’re here to have fun! We are open to all and no questions! If you think you’re anywhere from 0.001% to 100% queer, join us at Q-Wave’sCome ‘n’ Hang Out Coffee Hours. Please check our Event Calendar for upcoming time and location. See you all there!

Political Action

Q-Wavers marching in the Heritage of Pride Parade

Q-Wavers marching in the Heritage of Pride Parade

Q-Wave believes that all people deserve equal rights regardless of race, nationality, HIV status, sexual orientation, and gender identity.

As part of this, Q-Wave supports:

Q-Wave Meeting with special visitors: our sheroes Helen Zia and Lia Shigemura!

Q-Wave Meeting with special visitors: our sheroes Helen Zia and Lia Shigemura!

  • Marriage equality for LGBT individuals

  • Immigrants’ rights, including more open paths to naturalization and equal access for LGBT individuals and their partners

  • The freedom of all people to identify and express their gender as they see fit, and to be free from discrimination on this basis

  • Greater visibility for queer people of color in general, and queer Asians in particular

  • Public education on queer health issues, including physical and mental health topics unique to our community

Q-Wavers often participate in rallies, fundraising and other special projects in support of these goals. Our most passionate members, who lead Q-Wave’s political agenda, come together to decide what official sponsorships and endorsements our group will undertake. The best way to get involved is to join and contribute to the Q-Wave listserv, stay informed, and come out in support of the events & projects resonate most deeply with you!


If you enjoy eating great food, trying different NYC restaurants, and meeting fabulous Asian queer women, trans and gender-variant folks, come meet and eat with us! Q-Wave’s newest group is for people who have a passion for eating, drinking and being merry.

Come for the bite-size goodness, the glamorous, smart and wonderful Asian queer women, trans and gender-variant folks, the sumptuous conversations, or simply for the love of food! :)

Q-Wavers in Central Park

Q-Wavers in Central Park

OUT of Doors

Come OUT of Doors with Q-Wave’s new outdoors group! You don’t have to own Birkenstocks or have a passion for hugging trees… We’re just a fun-loving group that also loves fresh air!
We organize activities to get outside and hang with awesome Q-Wavers, including local events like Frisbee, skating, or bicycling in Central Park. We also venture further out of the city for longer hikes and camping. No experience necessary, just come out and enjoy some great times getting to know other beautiful queer people.


Get Reel!

Get Reel! is Q-Wave’s film club. Our film screenings are always filled with fun-loving people in a cozy and safe environment (usually someone’s home) with plenty of food and drinks (non-alcoholic and alcoholic). Good times are always guaranteed! If you’re interested in meeting awesome queer folks, love watching films, or love eating, then keep an eye out for future screenings by joining our email listserv or Facebook Group. Find more info on the Contact Us page!

Some films we have screened in the past include: “Love My Life” (Japan), “Drifting Flowers” (Taiwan), “The Amazing Truth about Raquela” (Iceland), “Chinese Botanist’s Daughter” (Canada) “Spider Lilies” (Taiwan), Deepa Mehta’s “Fire” (India), “King and the Clown” (South Korea), “Dangerous Living: Coming Out in the Developing World”, “Beautiful Boxer” (Thailand), “Transamerica” (USA), “Brokeback Mountain” (USA), and “The Handmaiden” (Korea). We are always looking for quality films that represent our diverse communities and welcome your suggestions.